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The mission of the Church is simple: Make disciples of Jesus Christ. Every faithful Christian Church exists for that purpose. And yet no two churches are alike in how they pursue that mission. Some operate a school and childcare. Others operate a senior living center. Some turn their grounds into a park-like setting for the community. Some build indoor playgrounds to invite the community inside. Some have extravagant 4th of July celebrations. Others send their small groups into the community to make an impact individually. There are as many variations as there are congregations.

Trinity’s ministry has grown and changed across its history. From a small group of purely Pomeranian immigrants, the ministry grew to embrace those who once were considered outsiderslsch. There was a time when services conducted in English or having a Sunday School for the children was considered a radical new idea. Trinity’s first pastor saw a mission field among Native Americans. Today we serve refugees from Southeast Asia. The mission is the same. How we carry out that mission is continually changing.

Enter VisionPath. VisionPath is a straightforward process created by the Lutheran Church Extension Fund that helps us chart our course into the future. It is impossible for us to know what opportunities the next decade of ministry will bring, but we can know who we are and why we are here, and that will prepare us to dive into the challenges and opportunities that will define the next generation of Trinity’s ministry.

Why now?

Trinity has become an outward-focused congregation with an impact that ranges from Mequon and Milwaukee to Africa and Southeast Asia. We are experiencing explosive growth in our school and childcare, and our congregation has been shifting to discipleship efforts that happen in relationships more than in classrooms. We have new challenges and new opportunities, and our leaders value the experiences and perspectives that God has scattered widely within the members of our church. Our VisionPath conversations will equip our leaders with a better understanding of our congregation, will help to unify our church as we set our eyes to the future, and will help all of us keep our focus on the heart of our mission: making disciples of Jesus Christ.

VisionPath Timeline

March 2020: Survey
The VisionPath survey is available until March 22nd, and is open to all confirmed members of Trinity.

April 2020: VisionPath Events
During these events we will hear and discuss the survey results. Choose either:

Friday, April 3rd OR
Saturday, April 4th

RSVP via email right now for the event of your choice!

May 2020: Vision Statement
The VisionPath leadership team will craft a short vision statement based on the feedback received through the survey and events by the end of May.