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June 16th, 2020

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A Message from Pastor Carl

Do you want to become like Christ?

In the church, we often talk about becoming more like Jesus. We pray that God would make us more like Jesus. But do we really want to become like Jesus?

In many ways, the answer is obviously, “no”. I do not want to be an itinerant preacher with no home and no possessions. I am in no hurry to make enemies within the religious establishment, or to draw the attention of the King Herod’s of our day. I do not want to live the life that Jesus lived.

But do you want to become like Jesus? Do you want to know God the Father with the intimacy that Jesus had? Do you want to be as free from fear and anxiety as Jesus was? Do you want to have a joy that comes from your relationship with God instead of from your quickly changing circumstances? Do you want to live a deeply fulfilling life of love?

“Well, when you put it like that…” Actually, I suspect the answer is still usually “no”. I want joy, but I want it to come through my circumstances, not in spite of them. I want to be free of fear and anxiety because I have nothing to be anxious about. I want God to save me, but do I really want Him to be intimately involved in every conversation, every relationship, every moment? That sounds uncomfortable. That sounds restricting. That sounds undesirable.

This week our ministry team is spending several days studying, discussing, and praying about discipleship. ‘Discipleship’ is a handy word to describe the church’s mission of filling the world, not just with Christians, but with people who are becoming like Christ. We will be asking why we tend to be complacent with something less than Christ-likeness, when becoming like Christ is what John expected (John 4:16-17), what Peter taught (2 Peter 1:3-11), and the only thing that mattered to Paul (Philippians 3:8-9).

I suspect that much of it has to do with not being around enough people who are living to become like Christ. I have known a few. Becoming like Christ sounds uncomfortable, restricting, undesirable. But what about becoming like Herb Becker, or John Saleska, or Ruth Geidel? People who had their flaws, but who laughed deeply, loved sincerely, and navigated a stormy world as if their boat were always in the peaceful eye of the hurricane. Yeah, I want that. I want to become that.

And I know where they got it. They were not content with something less than Christ-likeness. They believed the words of Jesus, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full,” (John 10:10). And they made living like Christ look like a joy, not a burden; freeing, not restricting; desirable.

It underscores why fellowship was so important in the early church. I can read books written by the greatest disciples of Jesus who ever lived. I can listen to sermons preached by the greatest preachers. But I cannot see the abundant life until I am sharing life with someone who is living life to the full, who has determined not to be complacent with something less than Christ-likeness. And once I see life to the full in action, I want it. I want to become like Christ.

Our May congregational meeting was delayed, and has now been scheduled for June 28th at 11am, to take place outside, weather permitting. In the event of inclement weather, the outdoor service will be cancelled, but the congregational meeting will still take place in the gym.

In preparation for the upcoming congregational meeting please review the following documents:


2020-21 TLC Proposed Budget

2020-21 TLC Budget Notes

Meeting Minutes from January

Meeting Minutes from the Special meeting regarding the HVAC

Organizational Chart

Dear Parents,

Trinity’s Vacation Bible School (VBS) will look and feel different this summer.  The program we had planned, Rocky Railway, will be put on hold until next year.  This summer, families will engage in a weekend VBSAnchored, at home and online.  At Anchored VBS, we’ll embark on an underwater adventure that reminds us that our God is faithful. While so many things have changed over the past months, our God has not.  He is our rock.  Praise God for His faithfulness!

Click here for our Anchored Weekend VBS information.

Registration is due by July 1st.

Join Rev. Joshua Rusert

Reformation in Germany

In the footsteps of Martin Luther 2020

Remembering the 500th Anniversary of the Diet of Worms

October 5-13, 2021

More information can be found here.

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened. – Matthew 7:7-8

Please take a moment right now and pray for those listed below.

For Missionaries: David & Rachel Baker, Cindy Zirbel Wrucke (Czech Republic), Hannah Shull (Taiwan)

Our military, serving our country: Sarah Geidel (Reserves), Rebecca Guild (serving in San Diego), Akan Udoeyop (serving in Germany), Madison Kessel Lyon (serving in Germany), Nicholas Zanow (Charleston, South Carolina), Kurt Degner (WI National Guard), Mark Liedtke (Fort Lewis, Washington)

Healing & Protection:

Elaine Riemer, Cindy Mollwitz, Marilyn Seefeld (prayer for recovering from surgery)

Brian Forke (recovering from hip surgery)

Scott & Melinda Neuenfeldt (at the birth of their son, Felix)

Josh & Kayleen Hunholz (at the birth of their daughter, Mallory)

Family of Christine Lindau (Christine has gone home to her heavenly Father)

Family of Ouida Gutwald (Ouida has gone home to her heavenly Father)

Do you know of others for whom we should be praying? Let us know by sending an email to Trinity@trinityfreistadt.com.

You’re invited to join others in prayer every Sunday (10-10:30 am), Monday (8-8:30 am), and Wednesday (Noon-12:30 pm).

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