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3rd Graders’ Bible Presentation

At a child’s baptism, solemn promises are made to the Lord.  Do you remember?
In Christian love, you presented your child for Holy Baptism.  As Christian parents, it is your calling to keep these sacred promises:

  • To faithfully bring them to the services of God’s house
  • To teach them the Lord’s Prayer, the Creed and the Ten Commandments.
  • To place in their hands the Holy Scriptures
  • And to provide for their instruction in the Christian faith.

It is that third promise, the one to place in their hands the Holy Scriptures, that your child is truly ready to receive.  At every baptism that takes place at Trinity, our members also make a solemn promise.  Trinity promises to pray for and assist Christian parents in the joyful privilege of raising their children in Christ.

On Thursday, September 10th, you are invited to participate in a one hour workshop on presenting your third grader with the Holy Scriptures.  Each year, in part through the generosity of Trinity’s Historical Society, a copy of the Faith Alive Bible is provided to each third grader in our congregation and our school.  Parents are asked to participate in this by making the formal presentation of the Bible to their son or daughter in one of the Sunday worship services on September 20. 

The workshop will take place in Miss Charron’s third grade classroom.  Trinity’s Director of Discipleship, Rick Adams, will walk you through the process of presenting the Bibles within the worship service, as well as provide great strategies to incorporate the study of God’s Word into your family life. 

For questions or more information, call or text Rick Adams at 414-801-6690 or email him at radams@trinityfreistadt.com



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