Our Core Beliefs


  • The Bible is God’s own Word, and that the historic Lutheran interpretation of the Bible is correct.
  • All people are separated from God by their sin, and are therefore deserving of God’s judgment.
  • Jesus Christ is God’s own Son, true man and true God.
  • Jesus suffered God’s wrath on the cross in our place, therefore earning our forgiveness.
  • We receive that precious gift of forgiveness and salvation through faith in Jesus.
  • God gives His forgiveness to those who have faith in three important ways:
    • Through God’s Word proclaiming what God has done for us.
    • Through Baptism (given to people of all ages.)
    • Through the Lord’s Supper (truly Jesus’ body and blood along with the bread and wine.)

For a more detailed explanation, visit www.lcms.org.


We believe that baptism is a priceless gift of God through which He gives the Holy Spirit and forgiveness of sins.  If you would like more information, please contact one of our pastors so we can talk with you about beginning a lifelong walk with Jesus through baptism.

The Lord’s Supper

In the Lord’s Supper, Jesus gives His true body and blood along with the bread and wine for the forgiveness of our sins.  Communicant members of LC-MS congregations are always welcome to commune with us.  Because we hold this gift from God in such high regard, all other guests are asked to speak with a pastor before receiving communion.


Marriage was instituted by God as a gift from Him.  Weddings performed at Trinity are preceded by significant preparation including premarital counseling with a pastor and mentoring with a married couple.  Because God intends the foundation for a healthy marriage to be our relationship with him, Trinity only hosts weddings for those who are members of our congregation.  If you are interested in joining us in our walk with Christ as you prepare for your wedding, please contact one of our pastors.


We believe that Jesus Christ has conquered death, and that all who have faith in Jesus will rise again to live forever.  As we mourn the loss of those we dearly love, we both grieve our loss and celebrate Jesus’ victory over death.  In anticipation of the heavenly banquet we will enjoy when Christ returns and death is defeated, funerals at Trinity are most often followed by a meal organized by members of our congregation.