Organization-Wide Core Values

  • Skin in the game

  • Doers of the Word

  • Hearts for the lost

Church Mission Statement
Grow in His word. Serve in His world. Join in His mission. TOGETHER.

School Mission Statement
A Passion for Learning. A Heart for Christ.

School Vision Statement
Trinity Lutheran School of Freistadt will be the leader in primary Christian education in the state of Wisconsin by making disciples who make disciples, delivering the highest quality education, maintaining a balanced and diverse student body, and by relentlessly pursuing excellence in the development of our faculty, staff, and support personnel.

Childcare Mission Statement
Connecting children to Jesus. Nurturing the wonder of childhood.

We work tirelessly to share the Gospel with each child and through the Holy Spirit, work to build their faith. Through their daily routines, children are encouraged to cultivate the fruit of the Spirit. Children at Trinity Lutheran Early Childhood Center of Freistadt experience a devotion to warmth, support, and safety while the wonder of childhood is nurtured, and children actively engage (physically, verbally or through observation) in their own learning, discovery, and adventures where they are empowered to take physical, emotional, and intellectual risks.

Childcare Vision Statement
With the direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit, Trinity Lutheran Early Childhood Center of Freistadt will create an environment facilitating and encouraging growth in faith through a passion for life-long learning through play, while cultivating unconditional love and the courageous proclamation of the Good News of God’s Grace through the gift of His Son, Jesus Christ, with all people. Children develop Christian relationships that enable them to strengthen each other in trial, temptation, and persecution as they joyfully engage in growing in His word, serving in His world and joining in His mission together.