Understanding Our Post-Christian Culture

A Two-Week Seminiar Led by Brad Alles

Sundays of March 22nd and March 29th
9:15 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. Trinity’s Gymnasium

Join us for these two weeks in March for another dynamic presentation led by Concordia University Wisconsin professor Brad Alles.  Brad has spoken numerous times before at Trinity, and hundreds of times in Wisconsin and around the country on topics such as Creation Science, apologetics, world religions, and competing worldviews.

Brad Alles is an Assistant Professor of Education at Concordia University Wisconsin.  He graduated from Concordia University Nebraska with a Bachelor’s degree in education, and received his Master’s degree in Christian education from Concordia University Chicago. Known for his ability to breakdown Scripture so it’s easily understood and applied, adding humor along the way, he is a frequent Bible study teacher at Milwaukee area churches. In addition, he is a featured speaker at state and national youth gatherings, as well as youth worker, teacher, and pastor conferences.  His passion for God’s Word comes through clearly in his teaching style. His family lives in Germantown, Wisconsin.

Held during our usual T3 time period, Brad’s two-week presentation on these Sundays will center on understanding what we now call a post-Christian America.  Tell your friends and neighbors to join us for this very informative and engaging talk.  Breakout lessons for children in 3K through 6th grade will continue on as usual during this time.

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