Provides care for children 2 years of age through 3 years of age that are or will be toilet learning

The Explorer Room provides care for children 2 years through 3 years of age.

In the Explorer room we focus on child-led play.  It’s all about letting children “go” to do what they are intrinsically motivated to do: to explore, learn and grow.  Through their play the children will become aware of and learn how to manage conflict resolution, self-regulation, gain confidence, work on problem solving skills, and learn social skills and empathy.

This is also the room where we focus on toilet learning. A meeting to discuss your child’s readiness and your commitment to the process will take place during the course of your child’s enrollment in the Explorer Room.

We believe that if a child is given the freedom to develop through play, the results will be seen at all stages of life.

We have an open door policy. Parents are welcome to visit or call the center at any time.

Explorer Room Enrollment Requirements and Transition Expectations

*Required for Entry

*Skills Learned by Program Completion

*What Parents Should Expect

Toilet Learning Policy and Commitment

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