Update – March 25, 2020


  • We continue to place our trust in God, who can provide us with all that we need even when the government and the medical community cannot.
  • We will continue to offer resources for worship in your home each weekend.
  • We will discontinue our plans to offer Open Sanctuary times and the Lord’s Supper.  Read more about our synod’s recommendations here.
  • Continue to reach out to Pastor Chris or Pastor Carl as you have need.  Most of our staff is working from home.  You can still contact us by leaving a message in the office.  You may also call the pastors directly.
  • We grow in God’s Word; we serve in God’s world, and we join in God’s mission – Together!

Schedule Updates

What’s on? 

  • Resources for worship in the home are being prepared and will be available on this website no later than Saturday.
  • The pastors remain available to respond to concerns over the phone or in person as appropriate.
  • Groups are being encouraged to connect using digital tools.  Congregational prayer and fellowship times are being organized.

What’s Off

All gatherings of any nature, including worship, are cancelled or postponed until further notice.  Resources will be provided for families and individuals to worship in their homes.  Please call the church office if you know of someone who lacks internet access.

Spiritual Resources

Prayer Challenge

Join with your congregation in committing to spend as much time in prayer as you spend tracking the news.  Use the prayers printed below as a starting point.

For the care of our souls:

Father in Heaven, You are the Lord of all things and the Ruler of this earth.  In this time of fear in our nation, let this awareness of our mortality turn many hearts to you.  Give us concern not only for the health of our bodies, but also the health of our souls.  Be our confidence, that empowered by Your peace, we may bring peace into the fear that surrounds us.

For healing of the sick:

Lord Jesus, in Your ministry, You healed all those who came to You with frail and diseased bodies.  Grant healing to all those who are turning to you in this time, that Your name be glorified, and Your power may be made known.  Have mercy on us and bring an end to this disease among us.

For provision for those whose employment is jeopardized:

Father, You know our needs and promise to provide.  Grant that all those whose ability to work has been disrupted would receive all that they need from Your hand and through the generosity of Your people.  Give us eyes to recognize the needs around us and hearts that are quick to respond in they ways that You call and equip us to do.

For our medical personnel:

Lord Jesus, it is a privilege for our medical personnel to share in Your healing ministry through their work.  Grant them strength, energy, good health, and encouragement, that they would be able to see Your hand at work as they care for those who are ill.  Give them wisdom and compassion in their efforts, and grant that their patients would respond with kindness, gentleness, patience and understanding during these trying times.

For those who lack care:

Father, we praise You for the gift of modern medicine and easy access to healthcare.  In those parts of the world where medical care is lacking, please grant Your protection and healing, and give Your people confidence, no matter where they live, to look to You as the gracious Father who has given us victory even over death itself.

For those who are experiencing isolation:

Lord Jesus, in Your death on the cross, You were alone and forsaken so that we would never be alone.  Remind those who are experiencing isolation or who are stranded far from home and loved ones that You are present with them, and give us an eagerness to reach out to those who are lonely so that they may see even more clearly how loved they are.

For those in positions of leadership:

Father, You have appointed the rulers of this earth.  Grant wisdom to those in positions of authority, that they may lead our nation to respond to crisis with courage and selflessness, placing the needs of others above our own.  Turn their eyes to the true Ruler of this world, that they would lead us to humble ourselves before the only One with the power to give and sustain life.

For those who do not know their Savior:

Lord Jesus, You loved the people of this world and gave Your life to give us life that never ends.  We are surrounded by people who do not know You as their Savior, and whose hope is built on their own efforts instead of Yours.  Lead Your people to embrace every opportunity to share our faith and Your love, so that many more people find their life and salvation in You.

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Growing in faith at home

Watch this space for new resources you can use to spend time with God at home.

Liturgy and Devotions

Concordia Publishing House

CPH has provided liturgy and hymns for worship in the home, along with 60 days of daily devotions.

Lutheran Hour Ministries

LHM provides many resources, including an archive of daily devotions going back all the way to 2003.  You can also find today’s devotion here.

Family Devotions with the Lehenbauers


Video Sermons

All of Trinity’s recent videos (mostly sermons) can be found on Youtube through the link above.

Print Sermons

This folder contains print versions of past sermons from Pastor Lehenbauer.  Expect this archive to grow, and please forgive any typos, as these are being posted without proper editing.


The Beginner’s Bible

The Beginner’s Bible has posted many hours of cartoon Bible Stories on their Youtube channel for children to watch.


These are printable lessons that also include activity sheets.


LHM Learn

Sign up for an account with Lutheran Hour Ministries and enroll in any number of high quality, Biblical, online courses to be taken at your own pace.

Concordia Bible Institute

These podcasts are available all the way back to 2010.  The majority of these are interviews with the late Dr. John Saleska, a member of our congregation and a legendary Bible scholar and man of God.