Beginning on April 1, you will have the opportunity to support several African missionaries.  Here’s how you can support this life-changing work:

  • Use a donation form to contribute directly to the mission of your choice. Submit the completed form along with your donation (check/cash) to the church office.  Forms will be available on April 1.
  • Donate online (credit card) to the mission of your choice.
  • Donate online (credit card) by purchasing one of the experiences offered to support the work of African missionaries.

Experiences Offered:

  • Pheasant Hunt & Lunch for 1
  • Golf at Northshore Country Club & Lunch for 3
  • Door County Getaway (2 night stay)
  • Sport Fishing on Lake Michigan (4 people/5 hours)
  • Lake Lawn Resort Package (2 night stay, breakfast & golf)
  • Solberg Lake Retreat (5 day/4 night stay-sleeps 8)
  • Getaway in Style (Marriott Hotel Brands Gift Card)

African Mission Auction

In the past twelve years our auction has raised over $540,000 for African mission work here and abroad. Money raised from this event has purchased mosquito nets, dug wells for clean drinking water, and provided other life-saving support to missionaries and the African people.

Bethany Lutheran Church & School – Asaba, Nigeria

Trinity supports the work of Pastors Chris and Afam Ikanih as they work to establish Bethany Lutheran Church and School – Asaba, Nigeria.  See the progression of the work being done there, and the children and families who are being fed with the precious Gospel of Jesus Christ!



One of the African missions supported through the Christ for Africa Mission Auction is the seminary in Togo. In this video, Pastor Souk, the director of the seminary, is thanking Trinity Freistadt and all those who take part in the Mission Auction for our great support of the seminary. He thanks us for making it possible for four students to continue their studies. Three of those students are from the Ivory Coast, and one is from Burkina Faso. Soho Hubert is doing his vicarage in Bakoubli, Ivory Coast. Glon Anatole is doing his vicarage in Toulepleu, Ivory Coast. Tade Edmond has left the seminary for personal reasons. Grogoh Amadou is doing his vicarage in Burkina Faso. Pastor Souk thanks us again for the generous gifts that made it possible for these men to pursue their pastoral formation. He thanks us for supporting confessional Lutheranism in Africa by contributing to the work of the seminary. Pastor Souk also talks about the need for dormitories. Right now the seminary students stay in various parts of town and have had trouble with Muslim neighbors. The seminary hopes to build houses on campus for the students. It costs about $8,000 to build one house. Having the students together will make it easier for members of the seminary community to spend time with each other and to help each other grow in the faith. Pastor Souk thanks us for our support of the dormitory program and asks us to continue. The dormitory program also includes building a home for the dean of students and bringing water and electricity to the area. Pastor Souk has given us blueprints of the dormitory project. He wishes us a blessed Easter Season.

Mission Support of Africa

Trinity’s African Mission Auction raises the needed funds to support the work of several ongoing mission efforts in several African countries, as well as Milwaukee-based ministries that serve the needs of African immigrants.  These include:

  • Lutheran seminary in Togo;
  • The mission work of Solomon Salam Ayagri in Ghana;
  • The distributions of Lutheran catechisms to the people of the Congo through the efforts of Pastor Kasongo Gui Kabeo;
  • Support for Pastor Gui and the French-African Lutheran congregation (the International Lutheran Church of Zion) which is located in Milwaukee;
  • The purchase of Malaria-preventing mosquito nets;
  • The mission work of Pastor Chris Ikanih and his son, Pastor Afam Ikanih.
  • Capstone Ministries and Pastor Dan & Patty Schmelzer as they work with the at-risk youth of Kenya.
  • Special needs like the new roof for St. Joseph Lutheran Church Kumasi, replacing the roof destroyed in a rain storm in 2015. 

Through Trinity’s Christ for Africa mission auction, Trinity supports a number of African countries and ministries. These include:

  • Sending individuals on Mission Trips to Congo, Uganda, Ghana and Togo
  • Missionaries and their families whom we have supported:
    • South Africa  – Rev. Glenn Fluegge
    • Ghana – Rev. Salaam Solomon Ayagri
    • Ghana – Rev. Nathan and Sarah Esala, Lutheran Bible Translators 
    • Malawi  – Rev. Robert Wendtland, missionary and church planter
  • Supporting African ministries:
    • Lutheran Malaria Initiative in Ghana
    • Feed My Starving Children food packs to Ghana
    • Lutheran Center for Theological Studies (CLET), a seminary which trains French-speaking Africans from all over Africa