Church Mission Statement

Grow in His word.

Serve in His world.

Join in His mission.


School Mission & Vision Statement

A Passion for Learning. A Heart for Christ.

Trinity Lutheran School of Freistadt will be the leader in elementary Christian education in the state of Wisconsin by making disciples who make disciples, delivering the highest quality education, maintaining a balanced and diverse student body, and by relentlessly pursuing excellence in the development of our faculty, staff, and support personnel.

Childcare Mission & Vision Statement

Connecting children to Jesus. Nurturing the wonder of childhood.

Trinity Lutheran Early Childcare Center of Freistadt will deliver the highest quality care for each child by partnering with parents, pursuing excellence in the development of our caregivers, and modeling the love of Christ by providing an amazing environment for these precious little ones to grow and learn. Children will experience God’s unconditional love and grow to understand His perfect love for them, just as they are.

Trinity is Growing!

Trinity continues to be called toward expansion. Our goal is to open more classrooms and new childcare space in the fall of 2023 to allow more students and families access and to eliminate our ever growing wait list.

Our school is experiencing the largest, positive growth in culture, enrollment, and excellence it has ever seen. In just three years, Trinity has grown more than 120%, expanding an already diverse student body, bringing in students from more than 30 zip codes across southeastern Wisconsin.

Looking at Trinity for 2022-2023…

  • 300+ total students enrolled for 2022-2023 (compared to 121 students in 2019-2020)
  • 60 – 3K & 4K students currently enrolled (with a 90% retention rate from 4K to Kindergarten)
  • 4 different grades have two classrooms
  • 8 out of 11 grades are at capacity
  • 5 grades have one or MORE students on a wait list
  • 99% re-enrollment rate for grades 1-8 from the current school year
    • as of April 1, 2022 one (1) student out of 196 students is not returning for the 2022-2023 school year

Families are seeking the hope and excellence of Trinity at an unprecedented rate, and we are out of room!

Building Plans

This expansion is a NEEDS-BASED project.

Feedback in the form of completed surveys, by Trinity staff, were collected. The architectural firm then carefully reviewed the responses and developed appropriate space based on these needs.

Initial renderings DOUBLE all childcare and grade level classrooms, allow adequate space for existing/future programs (with emphasis on Special Education), and unite the leaders of all three Trinity’s ministries (church, school & childcare) in one office complex. Our blueprints maximize EVERY SQUARE INCH of added space.

The plans restructure our existing parking lot and entryways to be more inviting and accessible, and add substantial lobby and gathering space for the many programs and offerings to our families.

Trinity has retained the services of GROTH Design Group for design, Generis as our advancement partners for a capital campaign and are working with Catalyst Construction (potential partner) to assist with the expansion project.

Plan Drawings (June 2021)
Full Site Overlay (January 2022)

Expansion Motions for May 22 Congregational Meeting
"Exhibit A"
"Exhibit B"


Recent updates and a timeline on the campus framework and its development.


Expansion & Communications Committee

The Expansion & Communications Committee is meeting on a regular basis.

  • Ryan Dummann, Co-Chair; Building | Parent, Church Member & BLL Representative | Email
  • Dr. Jen Cerrato, Co-Chair; Communications | Parent | Email
  • Josh Hunholz, Secretary; Communications | Church Member & BLL Representative| Email
  • Greg Black, Building | Church Member & School Librarian | Email
  • Doug Ernst, Building Sub-Chair | Church Member | Email
  • Ginny Jagla, Communications | Church Member | Email
  • Gary Janetzke, Communications | Church Member | Email
  • Catrina Kagerbauer, Communications Sub-Chair | Church Member, Parent, Office Staff | Email
  • Alex Lavold, Building | Parent | Email
  • Robert Seefeld, Building | Church Member | Email

*Various church members, staff, professionals and parents will be brought in to meet/consult as needed.

Connect with the Committee

For inquiries about the campus expansion, please email the committee at